Places to visit in Nerja

Balcón de Europa, Nerja, Málaga

Nerja is an idyllic village located about 40 minutes drive from Malaga Airport.
This cozy village has become one of the main tourist destinations of Malaga.
Nerja has a rocky coastline with numerous cliffs and extraordinary beaches.
The nearest villages to Nerja are: Frigiliana, Sayalonga y Cómpeta; They are a good choice to go after visiting Nerja.

Places to visit in Nerja
Balcony of Europe, Nerja

Balcony of Europe

A viewpoint with a lovely sea and the beaches of Nerja views. You can see that these beaches have deep blue water and they are very clean. The viewpoint is a round square (like a balcony that is located at altitude) where you find benches to sit and enjoy the views, restaurants, ice cream shops and cafes. If you go to Nerja you cannot miss the views from the balcony.

Caves of Nerja, Nerja

Caves of Nerja

This caves were discovered in 1959 by some boys who were playing hunt bats in a well that was in Nerja. One of the children noticed that there was something else and it was they who discovered this cave hidden for so many years.
This caves were opened to the public in 1960 and today can still visit. It is a unique visit that you won't want to miss.

Eagle aqueduct, Nerja

Eagle aqueduct

This aqueduct was built in the nineteenth century. It is a civil work. The reason why it was built was to enable the transfer of water to the mills of Sugar Factory San Joaquin who had at this time. The aqueduct consists of 4 floors of overlapping arches over the Barranco de la Coladilla. Many people are going to take pictures with the aqueduct behind.

Verano Azul Park, Nerja

Verano Azul Park

This park was opened in 2001 in honor and memory of the "Summer Blue" series issued between August 1979 and December 1980. This series chronicles the adventures experienced by several friends in a town on the Costa del Sol. In this park we can find a replica of the famous Chanquete ship and plaques with the names of all the characters in the series.

Church of the Savior, Nerja

Church "El Salvador"

The exterior of the Church shows a tower with four bells. It was completed in 1697 and was later reformed. It is located opposite the town hall.
Inside there is a cross of three ships structure. It is a famous church and sought by the Spanish people for weddings. It is one of the few temples in the world with altars in honor of the three Archangels.

Maro, Nerja


It is a town of Nerja. It is here in Maro where the Cuevas de Nerja are.
This town is situated on the Mediterranean Sea and that results in landscapes like the cliffs of Maro. Its beaches are of coarse sand and clear water, ideal for snorkeling.
Maro Beach was voted the best beach in Andalusia and the second best in Spain.

Chillar river, Nerja

Chillar River

This river is very popular among people who like hiking and nature.
There are hiking trails that runs 22 kilometers round trip. The time it takes to do the route is about 5 hours to go up and 3 hours to go down. The difficulty is average. It is recommended to do the route with sneakers and shorts. On this route you can also go with children.

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