Places to visit in Antequera

Torcal de Antequera, Antequera, Málaga

Antequera is a city and municipality of Málaga, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia.

Antequera is known as "the heart of Andalusia" because it is located in the center of the following provinces: Malaga, Granada, Cordoba and Seville. Antequera is 47 kilometers from Malaga.

This municipality is the largest of Málaga in terms of surface. It has 817 square kilometers.

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Places to visit in Antequera
Torcal of Antequera, Antequera

Torcal of Antequera

It offers a unique karst landscape in Europe. The origin of the Torcal is because much of Europe and the Middle East were submerged under the sea about 200 million years ago. Sediments accumulated in the seabed and accumulated at different levels forming layers. In the Torcal you can see different types of birds, including the golden eagle and the peregrine falcon.

Antequera LoversRock

Antequera Lovers’ Rock

This rock is situated at an altitude of 874 meters above sea level. At first glance it looks like the face of an Indian lying, so it is also known as Indian mountain. The rock lovers receives its name from a legend that tells the love of a Christian man and a Moorish princess. In this rock are numerous archaeological sites that give great historical significance to this place.

Gardens of Tito Pepe

Gardens of Tito Pepe

This garden served as a recreation area in the nineteenth century to the bourgeoisie. Later one of the bullrings most emblematic of Spain was built.
This bullring served as a tourist attraction in Antequera. These gardens are dedicated to José Herrero, a bullfighter. Today it is an ideal landscaped place to take a walk and rest enjoying the climate of Malaga.

Lobo Park

Lobo Park

Lobo Park, the house of wolves, enables you to observe the behavior of these animals. This park was created in 2002 as a private research but was opened to the public in 2004. Lobo Park performs guided visits in Spanish and English.
The park was created recreating the natural habitat of wolves so visitors can watch closely the behavior of wolves in the reality.

Alcazaba, Antequera


It is an Alcazaba eleventh century that counts with parts of the fourteenth century. The Alcazaba, in Antequera, mainly has 12 points of interest to visit: the dungeon, the Christian door of the Alcazaba, Torre Blanca, Torre del Homenaje, Aljibe Nazari, Mezquita Aljama, the Roman Tomb, Torre del Quiebro, Torre de la Bisagra, Murallas de Levante Barbacanas and Casa del Corregidor.

Dolmens of Antequera

Dolmens of Antequera

It is an archaeological site formed by the Dolmen of Viera, the Dolmen of Menga and Romeral. The Dolmen of Menga was declared a national monument in 1886 and World Heritage in 2016. The Dolmen of Viera was declared a national monument in 1923.
The visit is free. They have a motto: "Stone on Stone", refers to the path taken by human beings until today.

Fuente de Piedra lagoon

Fuente de Piedra lagoon

The nature reserve Fuente de Piedra is the largest lagoon in Andalusia. It consists of 1,400 hectares that favor life and reproduction of the pink flamingo. From March to July you can see the nesting process flamenco.
The lagoon is a special bird protection zone. Water salinity favors the growth of halophyte vegetation like cane, rattan and reed.

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