Malaga Port

Malaga Port
Malaga Port

In its beginnings, it was a small port of fishermen, little by little it has been growing until becoming one of the most important ports of the whole country.

Its most drastic remodeling occurred in the 21st century and there are plans to continue extending the port to create new facilities.

Malaga Port is located only 10km from Malaga airport.

History of the Malaga Port

Malaka was founded by the Phoenicians, choosing as their location the skirts of Mount Gibralfaro, where the sea came.

The Port was about 500 meters long, from where today is the Palace of Customs until you find Puerta Oscura.
In that enclosure, there was a wall that separated the port of Malaga in two parts: the industrial half and the commercial half.

The capital falls under the Hittite Empire and the Carthaginians come to Malaka to help the Phoenicians, but they end up settled in Malaka.
The process of romanization was quite slow.

From Malaga came minerals, wine, fish favoring development and commercial port expansion.

The Romans built a wall of coastal defense, and left a passage that joined the two halves of the port.

In the year 711 the Muslims arrived and invaded the peninsula. The activities of the port of Malaga fell.
In the 11th century the Alcazaba was built and a new stage begins in the Port of Malaga.
Malaka was once again one of the most active ports in the Mediterranean.

In 1487 the Catholic kings arrived in Malaka and conquered it. Then, they try to encourage port activity.
In 1492 it was approved the construction of an anchorage defended by breakwaters, since they were going to make of the port the main income activity.
They did not get to do these works but a small army was built to be able to defend the entire coast.

Carlos I authorizes in the year 1545 the beginning of the works of the port but they are paralyzed by the riads of the river Guadalmedina.
In the year 1588 a dam was erected to protect the city from the storms of Levante but it was shattered again and again in each storm.
During the 17th century, port activity declined.

In 1717 Philip V commissioned a French engineer to prepare a project to expand the port.
In 1720 proceed to the works to expand the Levante dam.

Money was scarce, and, what little they had, was used often in repairing the wreckage of the river Guadalmedina.

Under the leadership of Carlos III, many people present projects to provide solutions and expand the port. Carlos III managed to increase the port activity with the trade with more American ports and the free trade treaty. But with his death, the projects are paralyzed.

Since the 19th century, the port gradually expanded and increased its port activity.
Until in the XXI century it underwent its great remodeling.

The port of Malaga has become one of the most important ports of the whole peninsula, housing large cruise ships, leisure areas, parks, restaurants…

Today there are other projects to continue expanding the port. But you can say that from its beginnings as a small port of humble fishermen has become one of the largest ports in Spain housing large cruise ships and creating leisure activities.

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