The best Car Hire in Malaga Airport

1. Introduction

We pride ourselves with offering you a care free car rental experience.
This easy to read FAQ Airport car hire guide will answer most of your questions. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our very friendly and multilingual customer service staff, who are always pleased to offer extra help and guidance.
We value the opportunity that you give us to form part of your traveling arrangements and we are committed to respond to your enquiry within one working day. Up

2. AllIN Rate

• Zero risk.
• All included.
• Free extra drivers.
• Avoid Airport 1-2 hours waiting.Up

3. Currencies

We accept different currencies:

Swedish Krone (1 EUR = 10.901211 SEK)
Norwegian Krone (1 EUR = 9.947431 NOK)
Danish Krone (1 EUR = 7.663406 NOK)
British Pound (1 EUR = 0.87138 GBP)
US Dollar (1 EUR = 1.031648 USD)
Canadian Dollar (1 EUR = 1.333747 CAD). Up

4. Long term rents

For long term rent. Please, contact us for special treatment. Our car hire crew will be happy to assist you.Up

5. How do I make a "4 easy steps" inquiry or reservation?

There are four easy steps:

Step 1: When & Where.
• Step 2: Car Selection.
• Step 3: Extras.
• Step 4: Your Data.Up

6. Do I need confirmation from Allin Rent a Car for my reservation to be valid?

Certainly! Please note that reservations must be confirmed by us with a valid reservations number. When placing a car hire enquiry, you are welcome to specify how you would like us to confirm your reservation via either telephone, email or fax.Up

7. What documents will be required?

All you need is a valid driver licence and passport. Up

8. Can I pay in cash?

Yes, you can pay in cash in our office when you pick up your car. The following credit cards and debit cards are also accepted for payments: VISA, MasterCard and American Express.Up

9. How are the prices calculated?

The car rentals are charged on a 24 hours basis with 3 hour "grace" period at the time of returning the car rental vehicle. The daily Tariff for that specific group and period will apply. Up

10. What is the minimum and maximum age for car rental?

The minimum age for car hire is 25 years with 4 years of driving experience.
Please consult us if you are over 75 years old. Up

11. Can I let my friends drive the vehicle?

Yes, if they are registered by our authorized staff on the car rental contract the same insurance conditions apply as for the main driver. Spanish law strictly prohibits any unauthorized circulation holding the driver personally responsible for damages of any kind.Up

12. What should I do in case of damage or accident?

In order to be fully covered by our insurance, you should report any non regular incident, damage or accident to Allin Rent a Car as soon as possible and within maximum 24 hours.
Our friendly staff will give you detailed instructions on what to do in case of unfortunate incidents when you collect the car at the pick up destination.Up

13. Fuel & refueling

All in car hire Malaga will deliver you the car with ¼ - ½ or a full tank of fuel when you collect it. The car should be returned to us with the same amount of fuel in the tank. We don’t charge for fuel or service fees.Up

14. How do I collect my car?

Upon arrival at the airport, please contact us at 0034 951 08 03 85 or 0034 681 34 91 42 and receive instructions for the pick-up location.
Once you arrive at our facilities, all you have to do is check the details and sign the contract, you will receive the key from our staff and start enjoying your holiday – this usually takes 5-10 minutes. Up

15. Where can I drive with the rental vehicle?

Driving outside of Andalucia, Costa Del Sol and Spain are subject to a written permission from All In Car Hire Malaga, please amend your traveling plans in advance at the time of reserving the car hire in Spain.Up

16. What happens if the vehicle has a breakdown?

All our car rentals are covered by a 24 hour roadside assistance. Exact details regarding breakdown cover will be given to you along with the legal documents of the vehicle when you pick up the hire car.Up

17. What happens if I get a flat tyre?

All vehicles are provided with spare tyres. The hirer of the vehicle is responsible for the changing of the damaged tyre.
However providing that you have choosen the Allin Tariff Insurance & Service Package, the cost of replacing the damaged tyre is fully covered.
Should you choose to use roadside assistance for the changing of a tyre, the charges for this service will be passed on to you.Up

18. What happens if I loose the keys?

Providing that you have chosen our the AllIN Tariff Insurance & Service Package immediate change of the car and replacement of keys is included and part of our services.
We will replace the lost key and if needed due to the circumstances we will replace the vehicle so that you can continue your holidays.
The exact time for the replacement procedure depends on where the vehicle is situated at the time of the incident. Up

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