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Places to visit in Mijas

Places to visit in Mijas

A walk through the white streets of Mijas, patios, nooks, hermitages... the people keep quiet and charm of the past on the mountains overlooking the countryside and the sea.

There are several monuments such as the Malaga Plaza de Toros (bullring), this bullring is different from the other bullrings in Malaga and that has an oval shape.

Other sites of interest are the two Mudejar style churches, the castle and the chapel of San Sebastian built in the late seventeenth century.

Also, another interesting point is the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Peña, patron of the city carved into a rock around the year 1682.

Places to visit in Mijas


It was built in 1900 placed on a rock. In 1968 it was closed and reopened to the public in 1977. The facade maintains the style of a simple white house. What is special about this bullring is its oval shape, in Spain there are very few places with this form.
One of the famous festivals of Mijas is the encierros (closures), celebrated since the inauguration of the Plaza de Toros in 1900.

Virgen de la Peña Viewpoint

" Virgen de la Peña " Viewpoint

The viewpoint is located next to the Ermita Virgen de la Peña. It leaves fantastic views of Mijas. The chapel was excavated on a rock in 1548 and remained hidden for eight centuries. Those eight centuries were centuries of Muslim rule in Spain. Legend tells the shepherds saw on the Torre del Castillo (castle tower) a dove which was transfigured to the Virgin, so they learned the whereabouts of this Hermitage.

Water Park

Water Park

Mijas water park has 10 attractions for both children and adults have fun. Besides the water attractions it offers other entertainment venues as arcade, entertainment in the lake and souvenir shop. For the safety of everyone who visits the park, it has: first aid services and first responders, safety deposit boxes, wardrobe, locker rooms with showers, shaded areas, hammocks, etc.



The burro-taxi (donkey-taxi) arose at the time of the 60 visitors were in Mijas saw that workers were returning home by donkey and asked them take pictures or take a walk. The tips they gave these visitors tended to be higher than their salary work, so they created a job of it. Today you can take a walk of about 20 minutes by burro-taxi (donkey-taxi) for the historic center of Mijas.

Coast track

Coast track

In Mijas-Costa is the Senda Litoral, a wide path of walkways by the sea. The road is suitable for all ages, easy and ideal for a walk or play sports. In this way you can take some pictures of postcard from the great beaches of Mijas.
If you go in summer, it is advisable to go at sunset (not so hot to walk and sunset adds to the charm of the landscape).

Mijas miniatures museum

Miniatures museum

The museum is called “El Carromato de Max”. He arrived in Mijas in 1972. In this museum you will see dressed fleas, a naval battle in the pinhead, on a grain of rice you will see the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, etc. The collection has over 350 pieces made of very common materials but also very diverse: chalks, rice, soap, bread, drawing pins, etc. It is one of the most unusual museums in the world.

Plaza de la Constitución, Mijas

Plaza de la Constitución

This square is located at the bottom of the wall.
In 1884 there was a flood that swept the stones of the river, Galiano (monumental mason) used the stones to create banks and fountain we see today.
In this square you'll find restaurants and cafes to sit back and enjoy Mijas.