Torcal of Antequera, Málaga

Torcal of Antequera
Torcal of Antequera, Málaga

The Torcal of Antequera offers a karstic landscape. 200 million years ago, Europe was submerged under the sea, that's when the Torcal originated.
The sediments accumulated under water at different levels forming the layers of the Torcal de Antequera in Malaga.

History of the Torcal of Antequera

The origins of the Torcal date back to the Jurassic Period of the Mesozoic era.
At that time the area had a promenade that linked the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean.

In the Cenozoic era, there was a rise of the limestone sediments that were deposited in the bottom of the ocean and the mountains were formed.

The Torcal is formed by limestone rocks of three types: Brechoides, Oolíticas and Clástica.

These rocks were originated in the Jurassic Period. The sediments of the seabed were lifted by tectonic forces some 1000 meters above sea level.

A little later, cracks were generated and the sinking of these formed what are now known as "corridors".
From that moment begins the erosion of the rocks forming a Karstic landscape.

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