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Baelo Claudia

Cadiz Baelo Claudia
Baelo Claudia

Baelo Claudia is an ancient Roman city founded in the end of the second century BC in Bolonia, Cadiz.

This city had two principal paths that were in the main square.

Water was supplied to the whole city through four aqueducts.
In Baelo Claudia there is a solar clock dating from the first century AD. It is made of carved marble with Roman style. It measures 84.5 centimeters high, 74 centimeters wide and 60.2 centimeters thick.

The clock arrived in Hispania from Rome and was used by the people of the city.

In Baelo Claudia the representative elements of the city are still preserved:

  • Markets, shops and baths.
  • Theater with capacity of approximately 2000 people.
  • Courthouse.
  • Four Temples.
  • Public square.
  • Main city gates.

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